Commissioning Brooklyn audio stories for BRIC RADIO

New show about all things Brooklyn seeks submissions. Details below! -Mia

BRIC is launching BRIC RADIO this fall and one of our shows will be Brooklyn, U.S.A.  We're currently soliciting pitches and looking to commission work. 

A bit about Brooklyn, U.S.A.:

Brooklyn, U.S.A, part of the slate of new shows launching late 2016 by BRIC Radio, is a monthly podcast that features stories from and about Brooklyn. The stories are compelling, evergreen, and are produced by a curated and rotating group of producers, journalists, storytellers and radio professionals.  

We're looking for evergreen feature stories which bring us into hidden corners of Brooklyn or those right in front of our eyes. Average length of a piece will be 4-5 minutes. This is not the show for breaking news or profiles of programs or organizations; it is a show about Brooklyn and for Brooklyn, all of Brooklyn.  But those are the only parameters. Consider it a place for stories that are not heard elsewhere, and a home for all of those stories you see, witness, experience daily.  It can be with or without narration, personal or not, but it must have journalistic merit and be journalistically sound and accurate.

Each episode of Brooklyn, U.S.A. will be approximately 30 minutes and will include at least 3 pieces. The pieces will reflect the diversity of Brooklyn, which is also part of BRIC’s mission and each show will be tonally and topically diverse.

Pay is competitive with WNYC, New York Public Radio.  The rate is approximately $100/minute but we will work individually with you to figure this out.

Please send your pitches to

BRIC is an incredibly diverse and vibrant arts and media community which has as its missions upholding that diversity, both in who contributes to BRIC and the work that comes out of BRIC.  We encourage promising producers to submit pitches as well as more seasoned ones.  It is you, the reporter/producers who will make Brooklyn come alive for our audience through your varied perspectives and experiences.  We are also a place which often runs stories which others don't, so send us those story ideas you've hoped to do but which lacked an appropriate home or outlet.  

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