Podcast content editor opportunity for new show on marketing (no production needed)

Passing along a somewhat random opportunity… I don't know anything about these folks, but this could be a good possibility for some of you. Pay is negotiable so don't low ball yourself! This looks like about a 2-4 days worth of work to me… so at a day rate of at least $500… plus some for admin… you do the math. Good luck! -Mia


Seeking Editor for Audio Content Company

We are a new audio content company looking for a content editor to work on a podcast. The show is an in-house podcast on marketing. The format is a 20-30 minute magazine-style show with a maximum of 5 features and segments.

The role is split into three stages:

  1. Workshopping the story before interviews

  2. Editing the producer’s written script

  3. Listening and commenting on the audio version

There is no audio editing involved in this role as production work is done by the show’s hosts. However, there is an opportunity to showcase your own work by putting together a different segment for the show.

We are looking to trial an editor for the main segment, ‘Alpha – an in-depth interview with a high profile individual involved in content creation’. The format for this segment will change, but the first interview is narrating around a theme with scripted links between interview tape.

Pay is negotiable but per project rather than hourly.

If you are interested we'd like to move forward ASAP. For work samples and to discuss further reply to Damian via email: damian@onaudiocontent.com


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