Pitch Reveal

See below for how to pitch the fantastic investigative reporting program, Reveal. (Contact info is in the link.) -Mia


Hello Revealers,

So you want to expose a hidden story, take us to a place nobody has ever been, or uncover a secret others want to keep under wraps?

Tell us about your story by filling out the pitch form at the bottom of this page.

Here are a few pointers on what we are looking for and how we approach our editing process.

As you may have guessed, a Reveal story reveals something that we don’t know or is hidden from us.

Our stories involve interesting characters. We like good talkers.

Reveal reporters take us to a “place” – we are immersed in the narrative, we can hear what is going on in the manner of “show, don’t tell.”

We let our listeners hear what our characters are grappling with and what is going on in their environment.

We like tape that contains action and tells a story, is visual, and helps us experience the high stakes some of our characters experience.

Our stories have plot, they surprise us and/or challenge our listeners and characters.

Once the field work is done and all the tape is gathered, our editing involves collaborative listening sessions, story edits, a legal vetting, and usually takes between four to six weeks to complete.

We will review every pitch, but it could take us a couple weeks to get back to you. So, please be patient.

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