DETOUR Call for Pitches in NYC, LA, and Chicago, deadlines 4/15 and 4/30

Detour is looking for producers to pitch audio tours in NYC, LA, and Chicago. Deadline for NYC & Chicago is April 15. For LA, it’s April 30. Details below!


Detour, “the world’s coolest audio guides,” is coming to New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. We’re hiring producers with experience in radio, television, and film to help us create immersive walks through these cities that show what makes them incredible. Great Detours are like documentary films that you walk around in, not just a travelogue or list of stops. Take a look at all the Detours we’ve made in San Francisco for a sense of what we mean.

We’ll produce 10 Detours in each city, each 45 – 60 minutes long, between now and October. We like working with people who can tackle 2 or 3 Detours per city, so feel free to submit several ideas! The places we are particularly interested in for each city are listed in terms of “must do” and “would do” on each city’s submission page. Everywhere on the list could be tackled in a variety of ways, so be imaginative and think in terms of stories and themes. You’re also welcome to pitch places & ideas that aren’t on the list. Just double check our guidelines before you do.  

How To Pitch:

  1. Read our guidelines.

  2. Send us your pitch through Submittable

Questions? Send to and we’ll get right back with you.

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