Latino USA Call for Pitches

Here's the latest call for pitches from the fine folks at Latino USA.

Latino USA is looking for story ideas for the show themes listed below. You can submit pitches to this link:
If you’re pitching for the first time, please include some information about your background and links to a couple of samples of your audio work.
Pitch meetings take place on Friday afternoons, and we try to reply to reporters early the following week.
Thank you!
Leda Hartman
Editor, NPR’s Latino USA

THE TRUMP EFFECT – 2/19/2016
The rise of leading Republican candidates like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz has coincided with an increase in anti-immigrant and anti “other” rhetoric across the country. We’d like to look at local or statewide political races where that rhetoric and/or xenophobia might be at play. These stories can include not just Latinos, but people from groups being targeted by this kind rhetoric, including Muslims. We’re also seeking stories about Latinos who have become more motivated to vote because a Trump candidacy scares them. And Latinos who are not just Trump supporters, but are working to get people to vote for him.

Stories from the bloody history of the Southwestern US, from Texas to New Mexico to California. After the Mexican-American war ended in 1848, the Southwest went through a process of conversion from Mexican to US territory. We're interested in stories of lynchings, discrimination, segregation, ethnic cleansing and rebellion from the 19th and early 20th centuries.

We want to tell the (mostly untold) stories of Latino contributions to rock 'n' roll. The history is generally seen in terms of white and black, but Latinos have been there throughout, as stars, sidemen, label execs and fans. Looking specifically for offbeat, surprising stories about Latinos in rock with a strong arc, rather than artist profiles.

Latino USA often focuses on immigration to the US from Latin America, but this is just a piece of a larger global phenomenon. We’re looking for stories that help explain how and why people are moving from one part of planet Earth to another—with a particular emphasis on how issues like war, climate change and the economy are all factors.

MARIJUANA – 4/15/2016
As the nation inches slowly toward marijuana legalization, this show will look at the ways in which the drug itself, the drug market, and enforcement approaches like harsh sentencing and stop-and-frisk are affecting Latino communities. But we also want to explore how legalizing the drug can both help and hurt communities of color. Who really stands to benefit from marijuana legalization, and who stands to lose? And what will happen to the people locked up for crimes that might no longer be crimes in the near future?

CRYING – 4/22/2016
From Soap Opera memes to La Llorona, tears play an interesting role in Latino culture. Latino USA will dive into the cultural history and science of crying and try to answer the question: Do Latinos cry more? We are looking for personal stories about crying and other ideas the topic may spark.

BOYS, MEN, MACHISMO – 6/17/2016
From how young boys are doing in school, to how ideas of masculinity affect dating and job prospects.

SOCCER/FUTBOL – 6/24/2016
With the U.S. hosting the Copa América Centenario this summer, we’re focusing on “the beautiful game” and the hold it has on the American continent—let alone the world. We’re looking for stories of rabid fandom, split allegiance, and the ways in which a love of soccer has changed people’s lives for better or worse. Of interest to us is also soccer’s growing popularity in the US and what contributions our country’s growing Latino community has brought to the sport, and vice versa.

CARS – 7/22/2016
We’re looking at the history of low riders, the consequences of being undocumented and ineligible for a driver's license, and life at a car dealership in New York. Bring us cool stories about cars!

BRAZIL – 8/12/2016
Brazil is the largest country in Latin America and one of the world's biggest economies. But for nearly 400,000 Brazilian-Americans, there's a nagging question: Do we count as Latinos? For this episode, we’re seeking stories about Brazil and how Brazilians fit into the American tapestry. Personal narratives and pieces about identity, culture, politics and family histories are welcome. We're open to all kinds of pitches for this one, surprise us!

COLLEGE – 9/9/2016
Stories that show the experience of Latinos on college campuses.

For much of the latter 20th century, the US Central Intelligence Agency played an active role in Latin American politics, toppling governments and installing others at it saw fit. In this history show, we visit some of the most outlandish chapters in the CIA's Latin America histories, from explosive cigars to covert infiltration of the Cuban hip-hop scene. Pitch us one we haven't heard about yet, or a fresh angle about a famous one.

POLITICS (ongoing throughout the year)
We’re looking for many stories in the lead-up to the election, including pieces about first-time voters, demographic shifts, and places where voting laws could have a big impact on Latino turnout. We’d also like stories about local races that highlight issues at play in the larger election. We do NOT want stories that are just about the horse race or simply tell us that a non-profit group is trying to get out the vote. We’re looking for pieces that show the human side of the election, with interesting characters that reflect why people vote the way they do and what various campaign positions could mean for ordinary people. We’re especially looking for under-reported stories from the Midwest and the South.

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