Pitch is looking for pitches!

Pitch, the podcast wants your pitches! Details below.


About Pitch: 
Pitch is a critically acclaimed podcast about music. We have a devoted audience, and we’ve been featured in places like BuzzFeed, NPR, and The Atlantic. The stories we make are thoughtfully reported, highly produced, and they engage our audience to think expansively about the world of music.
We’re starting work on an ambitious new season, and we’re now accepting story pitches.
Who we want to receive pitches from: 
Musicians, academics, music journalists, investigative journalists, radio producers, and anyone else with stories that fit our criteria.
Stories that we want you to pitch us should:
  • Speak to something larger about music.
  • Have a unique perspective, viewpoint, or argument to provide. 
  • Feature a diverse set of voices and represent a wide variety of perspectives on each given topic.
Types of stories we’re looking for: 
From musicians: Stuff about music you’ve noticed, obsessed over, or have been curious about. Maybe the stories have never been reported on, or have been reported on poorly, incorrectly, or from a narrow perspective. You (and your interviewees) have a unique perspective to provide.
From academics: Stories that make research into the nooks and crannies of music accessible in a more immediate/public way, and would make a great audio piece. 
From music journalists: Big, ambitious stories you’ve always wanted to do but have never had the time/resources/institutional support for. The stories would have a heavy focus on reporting or might be personal in a way that engages our audience to think expansively about the world of music. Or things you’ve written that could be better (or differently) served in audio.
From investigative journalists: Anything you have where music plays a central role in your investigation.
From radio producers and anyone else: Stories that you can tell from a unique perspective that engage our audience to think expansively about the world of music.
Things we don’t do:
  • Review albums
  • Profile artists
  • Highlight projects
  • Curate content
How to pitch us:
Please email your pitches to pitches@pitchpodcast.org. Pitches should include (in about 500 words) answers to the following questions: What is the story? What is the central idea of the story? Who will you talk to? Why are you interested in reporting it? How does it connect to the criteria above?
We can’t respond personally to everyone who reaches out, but if we want to move forward with your pitch, we’ll be in touch within a few weeks.

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