Get a Scholarship to Make Radio!

I think I passed this along once before but it's worth re-sending – scholarships are now available to learn how to make radio at Transom. Go For IT! -Mia

Get a Scholarship to Make Radio! (via This American Life OCT 6, 2015)

Ira Glass writes:

Hi everyone! I’m proud to announce that we’re working with to expand the scholarship program for their Story Workshop. The Story Workshop is an eight-week live-there-and-do-nothing-but-learn course that teaches radio skills to people who aren’t in radio at all. They do it twice a year in Woods Hole, Massachusetts on Cape Cod. It’s designed for people who want to change their lives and come make radio stories.

The next workshop runs from April 3 till May 26, 2016. I’ll be one of the guest teachers.

Our hope is that these scholarships will eliminate financial barriers for people who want to learn radio. We’re encouraging people of color to apply, along with anyone from any segment of the population that’s underrepresented in the public media workforce.

We’re glad to be partnering with Transom on these scholarships. Their news release about it is here.

One last thing to mention: individuals can also contribute to Transom’s scholarship fund. If you care about making public media more diverse, I hope you consider donating.

Apply for the Scholarship HERE

Donate to the Scholarship fund HERE

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