Modern Notion call for (written) pitches

Call for PRINT pitches from Modern Notion. They have a radio show/podcast as well. Details and contact info below. -Mia
Modern Notion: Call for pitches
Science and history touch every aspect of life—life is science and history, it's just that sometimes, it's hard to see. We want pieces that amplify the science and/or history behind a story and thread it through to create a compelling, original but anchored piece. 

We’re looking for a range of pieces. Pieces that answer everyday questions, like: does blowing on your coffee actually cool the hot liquid? To pieces that explore current events: how will barnacles help us unearth Malaysia Airline's MH370's flight path? To pieces that take a strong opinion of cultural phenomena though the lens of science or history: why Americans should (but won't) eat horse.
Sometimes the science or the real history is controversial, and we don't want to shy away from that. And sometimes, the science and history leaves us with more questions than answers. We love mysteries on Modern Notion, and even if we don't always solve them, we like spelunking through them and emerging with a deeper understanding of their significance.
We pay for all stories. That number varies with each story (length, type, etc).

You can send pitches to

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