Fellowships available for travel to INPUT 2015 in Tokyo, deadline April 20

This organization is new to me – looks like they have some great opportunities lined up for TV folks! -Mia
Attention US Public Media Producers

US INPUT Producer Fellowships Available for INPUT 2015 in Tokyo, Japan on May 11 – 14

South Carolina ETV has been awarded a grant from the Corporation from Public Broadcasting to provide a limited number of INPUT Producer Fellowships ($2500 each) to assist U.S. public media producers with travel to INPUT 2015 in Tokyo, Japan on May 10th – 14th.

Applicants will be asked to submit an application, resume and letter of support from a public media organization familiar with his or her work. The application process will be turned around quickly. The deadline is April 20, 2015 and grantees will be announced on April 22nd.

Please visit www.usinput-tv.org for instructions and an online application form. For questions, please contact Amy Shumaker at shumaker@scetv.org; 803-737-3433 or Betsy Newman at bnewman@scetv.org; 803-737-3466.

INPUT is the International Public Television Screening Conference, an annual international forum for television professionals to discuss and challenge the boundaries of television in the public interest. To learn more about the INPUT 2015 conference visit www.input-tv.org

This project is made possible by funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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