BackStory call for pitches

BackStory is now accepting pitches for the following shows (dates in parentheses are dates by which all tape would be due):

Islands (3/14): On this episode, the Guys will journey in search of islands — material and metaphysical — that have played notable roles in the course of American history. We need: stories from actual islands themselves! We’re specifically after pitches (of historical stories, of course) from freelancers on location on an island.

Trash (3/11): On this episode, we’re doing a social/cultural history of trash in America. It’s pegged to the idea of “spring cleaning,” so we’re probably not looking for stories about human waste or public health/sanitation (outside of garbage collection). We’re asking questions like: how have Americans defined and redefined trash? When did landfills begin? How does trash become historic material? Is recycling really a ‘new’ phenomenon?

Revivalism (3/25): Focusing on dramatic upsurges of religious energy, this episode will explore the persistence of revivalism — from the “Great Awakening” of the early 18th Century, to the rise of the religious right just decades ago — considering how religious sentiment has expanded beyond the individual and spiritual to embrace civic and political concerns.

Here’s a link to the pitch page of our web site, for info about what makes a good BackStory pitch:

BackStory is especially interested in stories that get out of the studio — that is, site-specific and sound-rich stories from around the country. Include what, if any, sources you would use in your story and how you would produce them. Give us an idea about what you imagine your piece would sound like (field tape, scoring, effects, readings, etc.). We’re open to non-narrated features, written essays, and reported pieces. Three to 10 minutes in length is ideal.

Email Associate Producer Kelly Jones at <khjones at virginia dot edu>, with “PITCH:” in your subject line. We’ll do our best to be in touch with you within a week of receiving your pitch.

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