Snap Judgment Upcoming Themes February 2015

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Hi Snappers,

It's been a while since our last themes list, but this year we're
going to try something a little different.  Instead of a long list of
themes once every four months, we're going to be sending out a
shorter list once every 1.5 – 2 months.

As always, pitch us an audio movie from the point of view of someone
facing a unique struggle with a thought-provoking (or just plain
entertaining) resolution.

And, as always, no profiles or topical stories.  Of course, we
welcome stories with interesting characters and interesting topics,
but we also need a plot driving the narrative forward.  Ideally, the
story should be told mostly by the main character.

This round's themes may seem serious at first blush, but we welcome
any and all silly twists.

Lord of the Flies

A story in which any group of people (adults, kids, dogs) find
themselves stuck together for whatever reason and things go south.
Think classrooms, summer camps, business conferences, family
reunions, lifeboats, and — yes — deserted islands.

The Peerage

Stories that take place in (or on the periphery of) an elite circle.
The House of Lords, Skull & Bones, the first 50 Google employees, the
cool clique at school.   Stories about being inducted (or kicked out
of) of a special world. Stories about people who think they're
special and learn that they're not, or vice-versa.  Stories of people
who want in … or out.

The River

Stories involving … well … rivers, both literal and metaphoric.
The Ganges, the Mississippi, the Nile, the Styx. A journey down a
river not knowing where it goes, or up in search of a mysterious
source.  A life lived on the bank of a river watching it change.
Some kind of bridge or treacherous crossing in life's journey.  The
metaphors go on and on…

Any Really Good Story

Remember, the themes are there just to get your mind churning.  If
you have a good story that doesn't fit one of these themes (or even
fits a theme that already aired!), we're going to help you produce it
anyways, because we want it on our show ASAP.

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