Destination DIY accepting pitches!

Destination DIY is going full steam ahead with monthly podcast episodes and we are currently accepting pitches. Below are our pitch guidelines. Questions? Hit me up at


Destination DIY is a monthly podcast and each episode focused on one particular story. If you are not familiar with Destination DIY, we encourage you to take a listen to some of the stories on our SoundCloud feed: In short, we are not a how-to show and our definition of DIY is intentionally very broad. We are most interested in good talkers and surprising stories about people who are taking on interesting projects without the help of a large institution of some kind. Even if the project itself does not seem fascinating, if there’s a great character behind it, it could be a good fit for us. We are looking for features of about 10-12 minutes in length, but can be flexible, especially with the podcast format. Our goal is to have a piece ready by the 10th of each month. We generally try to keep our stories “evergreen,” but if there’s a specific peg for your pitch, please let us know.

Payment: Destination DIY pays a flat fee for each piece – between $200 and $500 based on the length and complexity of the production as well as the skill level of the producer. Payment is negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Submission guidelines: Please email pitches to with the word "pitch" in the subject line. Write up a short description of your ideas and who you plan to include in your piece. NO ATTACHMENTS PLEASE. Please let us know what kind of audio equipment and software you will be using and if you haven’t worked with us before, please provide links to your past work and at least 2 references.

More details on our process: Destination DIY will create the final mix for all the pieces. You will be expected to provide a rough mix along with your actualities, narration, room tone, and ambient sound as well as a final script and raw audio when necessary. If your pitch is accepted, please be prepared to submit a script and scratch track for editing before submitting any final audio. Our editing process usually involves a couple of script and scratch track edits. Independent producers retain all the rights to their work and are free to post it anywhere or pitch it to other outlets. We respectfully ask that you wait until it’s been released on the Destination DIY podcast.

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