TAL is hiring a producer in NYC, application deadline Nov 21

OK – this is not a freelance gig. But if you’re a radio nerd like me, this is big news, and a big opportunity. More info here and below. Application deadline Nov 21 (soon!). Good luck.  -Mia


The public radio program This American Life is looking for an experienced and inventive radio producer, someone with strong reporting skills.

What makes This American Life different from most broadcast journalism is that it’s a home for narrative reporting, meaning its stories are organized around plot. They have strong central characters, surprising twists, funny moments, emotional arcs and original ideas. Narratives on the show take many forms: interviews, personal essays, investigative reporting, comedy, fiction and audio diaries. The voice and approach of the show are distinctive enough that the American Journalism Review declared it’s “in the vanguard of a journalistic revolution.”

It’s also hugely popular, the most popular documentary radio program in America, heard by 2.2 million listeners each week on over 500 public radio stations in the U.S., plus Canada, Australia, Ireland and Germany. It’s also the number one podcast on iTunes most weeks, with more than a million downloads per episode.

Our staff producers create the stories on the show. Some they commission. Some they report themselves. Some they produce with contributors or the show’s host doing the reporting. These stories include small personal stories and reporting that takes on bigger national and international issues. Producers oversee tape gathering, edit audio, structure and write stories. They direct talent in the studio and do the final digital audio mixes that end up on the air, including scoring the stories with music. Producers take on occasional special projects: interactive web features, videos, print pieces, live performances. They generate ideas for stories and for full episodes. They design and produce entire episodes. An important part of the job is editing: listening to drafts of other producers’ stories and giving notes. The culture of our production team is very collaborative.

  • We will only consider candidates who have demonstrated experience doing journalism like the stories on our show. This means narrative journalism, stories that unfold with a plot and emotion and humor, with relatable, surprising, three-dimensional characters
  • At least three to five years producing radio, preferably for a nationally-distributed show. We’ll consider comparable film or TV documentary experience only if it involves crafting stories in a style similar to those on our show
  • Digital audio editing and mixing skills are essential
  • Ability to think about big picture approaches to covering issues and ideas, while also executing the many small details and tasks involved in producing a weekly show
  • A proven ability to meet deadlines and balance multiple duties at the same time
  • Ability to collaborate. Must work well with others
  • Knowledge of public radio and podcasts is a plus

This position is based at the This American Life office in New York City. Please include online links to your work (You Tube, Soundcloud, Portfolio sites, etc) in your cover letter. CD’s or MP3’s will not be accepted.

This American Life is produced by Chicago Public Media.

Chicago Public Media is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer that seeks diversity in the workplace.


Application deadline is Friday, November 21, 2014.

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