Latino USA Call for Pitches

Call for pitches from Latino USA. Go for it!


Below is a list of themes for Latino USA programs coming up in the next few months.

We hope they inspire some creative pitches! Story ideas unrelated to these themes are also welcome.

Please send your ideas directly to, with details about the story arc, characters, scenes and sounds you envision for your piece. Features generally run from 4-6 minutes long and pay $125 per minute.

Pitch meetings take place on Friday afternoons, and we try to get back to reporters early the following week.




Leda Hartman

Editor, NPR’s Latino USA



GIVE AND TAKE: Stories about gain and loss. They can be personal or not.


HOME: Finding home in unusual places. And just what makes home home?


TABOO: Crossing lines, saying things you wouldn’t ordinarily say, talking about things people hesitate to talk about.


QUALITY CONTROL: How do we evaluate whether something succeeds or fails? Stories can be related to tech or health, but don’t have to be.


LATINO ICONS: Sample stories in the pipeline include a musical about baseball great Roberto Clemente, and a California taco restaurant where Mexican-American leaders organized against discrimination.


PUERTO RICAN REMIX: All things Borinqueno.


AFRO-LATINO: History, music, culture, current issues and events.


NERDS: Stories about geeking out, tech, learning more, being a passionate devotee.




ON THE GO: Stories about transportation, being mobile, moving, changing, adapting.


HACKING: Not just tech, but using shortcuts and work-arounds, and coping generally.

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