Working with Music in Audio Storytelling at CDS Nov 22-23

Course on using music in production at CDS next month. Course description and link to sign up below. -Mia
What happens in the alchemical moment when a voice telling a story is transformed—whether suddenly or almost imperceptibly—by the music placed underneath it? When is the use of music honest? When is it essential? When is it dishonest or distracting? In this weekend workshop, we’ll explore techniques for using music to enhance audio storytelling, whether your primary interest is in podcasting, personal storytelling, oral history, or radio journalism. 

How many times have you been stumped by the question of what music to use in a piece? This is your chance to develop an ear for what to use, and a resource list of where to find it. 

The weekend of Nov 22-23 at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke, I'm set to again offer my workshop on "Working with Music in Audio Storytelling." We had a great group last fall, with participants from NC, VA and MD, coming to the workshop with a wide range of backgrounds in production and audio work.

For more info, and to register, scroll to the bottom of this page:

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