freelance arts reporter needed in Colorado

Hey Colorado freelancers. Great (STEADY) opportunity from the CPR arts desk. Details below. (Wish I lived in CO!) -Mia


Colorado Public Radio in Denver is looking for a talented freelancer to produce a regular 5-minute audio/web segment for our Arts Bureau Editor, Chloe Veltman, once a month. The segment is called Voicebox. here are a couple of examples of segments produced to date:

This person needs to be a great reporter, based in Colorado and ideally has an interest in stories about the human voice.

The pay is $375 per segment. That covers pitching, reporting, writing and going through whatever editing stages are necessary to create a polished piece. Mixing the final product is not a requirement, at least to start, though mixing skills are a plus.

If interested, please contact Chloe at

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