Seeking new soundy works for Soundproof. And more.

Call for pitches from the fabulous Julie Shapiro – recently relocated to Australia. Details below!
Greetings from the antipodes / RN's Creative Audio Unit!

We've just launched a call-out for new works for our evening program Soundproof (8pm Sundays, 9pm, Fridays), and of course I'd love to hear from ALL of you.

We're seeking 5-15 minute works, inspired by:
– unspoken stories – tell us a story not driven by words
– audio photographs – what are your ears looking at?
– high/low: sound art meets junk food. literally.

A few more details here:
Send links to audio or pitches:

While I've got you, I'm pretty looking for pitches for both shows on a rolling basis: all durations and styles: narrative work, fiction, essays, dramas, hybrids of all of that, soundscapes, composed audio features, brand new forms you've just invented…any/all of it welcome for consideration.

Have a listen to a few shows to get a feel for what we're doing, find out more about each program, read guidelines for submitting:
Radiotonic –
Soundproof –

Don't be shy (or quiet)!
Julie Shapiro

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