upcoming opportunites with Above the Fray, UnFictional, and CBC’s How To Do It

If you work in public media and you're not yet an AIR member, you should be. (And I don't work for them, I'm just a member and a big fan.) A slew of opportunities have popped up on their listserv recently. Here are a few with upcoming deadlines. Go for it! -Mia

1) The Above the Fray fellowship deadline is July 1, 2014
Learn more about the fellowship's history and requirements here: http://www.thejohnalexanderproject.org/apply.html

2) UnFictional is seeking pitches (topics: Spying/Eavesdropping, The Unreliable Narrator, The Phone Call). They are always looking for great stories outside the themes, too. (ongoing deadlines)

3) The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's radio show How To Do It: The Guide to Everything Else is looking for submissions for upcoming episodes. Deadline July 7, 2014.

How To Do It is a half hour radio show that explores how to do the things you never learned in school, by hearing from people who have lived through these situations. 

To get a sense of the tone of the show and the kinds of stories we like you can check past shows atwww.cbc.ca/howtodoit. The show puts a premium on surprising stories and unexpected interpretations of the theme. The tone is often tongue-in-cheek, cheeky, and humorous. Stories should have some amount of levity. At the same time, stories can still address serious topics. 

We are looking for approximately 5-7 minute radio stories based on the topics below. These could be stories you tell about yourself or pitches about people's stories where you would gather the tape. 

We are open to creative interpretations of the topics and any ideas for innovative use of tape to enhance the story telling. 

Please send a paragraph describing the story you would like to tell to streleaven@gmail.com 

We will pay CMG (Canadian Media Guild) rates ranging from $75-$500 depending on the nature of the submission 


    We are looking for stories of people who ditch their values or moral integrity for some other end – fame, money, power, love. Or perhaps less enticing reasons – a free clock radio or praise from a superior. The more dramatic/amusing the about-face, the better. (Attention: priests who have become pimps.) Maybe the "sell-out" is deeply personal: you were a diehard vegan until you discovered smoked meat. What is your sellout threshold and how did you determine it? We want to hear how you were bought. 

    How have you survived captivity – whether it was doing time in a prison, on a cheesy cruise ship, or at a bad family reunion? We are looking for stories of being trapped, held hostage, or living in captive. We're open to both literal and figurative interpretations, and bonus points for both levity and any instructional component. 

    Have you ever had a conversation with the dead? Perhaps you had an encounter with a ghost, participated in a seance or got a message from a Ouiji board? Or maybe you're haunted by someone long gone? Is there a ghost you just can't let go of. We want to hear about what haunts you, and how you dealt with it.

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