Latino USA call for pitches

Lots of great themes here. Send your pitches to Latino USA!

Here’s a list of the program themes that Latino USA is working up over the next few months. Along with the descriptions, I’ve also posted the air date of each show, in case you have ideas with particular time hooks. Please send pitches to:



Get out there and have fun! If your outdoor adventure idea also has an element of environmental stewardship in it, all the better.


ESCAPE (8/1/2014)

Getting away, becoming free.


GENIUS IS…(8/15/2014)

Thomas Edison said it was 1 % inspiration and 99% perspiration. We’d like stories about working, tenacity, following a vision.


SHOWTIME (9/12/14)

Performance, celebrity, entertainment.


ALLIES (9/19/2014)

Unlikely friendships, strange bedfellows.


LANGUAGES (9/26/2014)

‘Nuff said. (Or written.)


THE FEAR OF…(10/3/2014)

Stories about what scares you, and about overcoming fear.


TARGETED (10/10/2014)

From marketing to hunting.


ISLANDS (10/17/2014)

That can be literal (like stories from the Caribbean) or figurative (like isolation and/or breaking out of it).


ELECTIONS (10/24/2014)

Democracy, voter participation, voter suppression. (One example would be a story about the Texas lieutenant governor’s race.)





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