CBC’s “How To Do It” wants 5-7 minute stories

Great opportunity from the CBC. Thanks to AIR for the heads up!

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's radio show How To Do It: The Guide to Everything Else is looking for submissions for upcoming episodes.

How To Do It is a half hour radio show that explores how to do the things you never learned in school, by hearing from people who have lived through these situations.

To get a sense of the tone of the show and the kinds of stories we like you can check out last year's series www.cbc.ca/howtodoit

We are looking for approximately 5-7 minute radio stories based on the topics below. These could be stories you tell about yourself or pitches about people's stories where you would gather the tape.

We are open to creative interpretations of the topics and any ideas for innovative use of tape to enhance the story telling. But our show really puts a premium on surprising and unexpected stories — think about ordinary people living through extraordinary situations.Please be sure the story has a clear beginning, middle and end.

Please send a paragraph describing the story you would like to tell to streleaven@gmail.com

We will pay CMG (Canadian Media Guild) rates.

How To Deal With People You Hate
We want to hear stories about how you've dealt with people you loathe – a colleague, a public figure, a random stranger. What lengths have you gone to avoid them, punish them, reconcile with them? How have you managed to go about your life when it requires interacting and confronting people you despise?

How To Escape
We're looking for your stories of escape, How have you broken free – either literally or figuratively? Maybe you broke out of prison or out of summer camp, or had to escape a failed vacation or family reunion, or cult.

How to Keep a Secret
Keeping your lips sealed can sometimes be easier said than done. We want to hear stories about how you've managed to keep a secret — and at what cost. Or maybe someone else let your secret out. How did your life change as a result? What happened when you got a burning secret off your chest or let it burn up inside you.

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