JCCF Open Call – A Day in the Life Project of a social worker, deadline July 1

Interesting opportunity from the Journalism Center on Children & Families. $2500 grants for stories about social workers. Details here and below. Application deadline July 1.



JCCF's motto is "Stories Can Change Lives." Perhaps that's why the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) wanted to partner with us on a project to find and tell stories about the ways in which social workers interact with children and families across the lifespan. 

Journalists and social workers share many values in common. We listen. We observe. We ask questions. We try to understand. We document. We report what we see. We are professionals, bound by ethics and a commitment to the power of truth. 


JCCF invites your pitches for stories that include a social work angle. Your story can be done in any medium: video, audio slide show, print with pictures, animation, graphics, etc. We will commission 12 stories from 12 reporters on a dozen topics in different parts of the U.S. If your story idea is selected, you will receive $2500 at the completion and delivery of your contracted content. Read more.  

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