Program Venture Fund – Grant for Producers in the PNW

This is a great opportunity for folks who live in the Pacific Northwest or who want to report there. Details here and below. Deadline July 11.
KUOW Program Venture Fund Announces New Round of Grants.

KUOW is seeking project proposals for Round 25 of the Program Venture Fund (PVF). Projects funded by PVF can be a series of features, a long-form documentary or a variety of short audio pieces. There is no set format. This is your opportunity to dig into a subject, bring new voices to the air and share the history, culture and issues that impact the Puget Sound region in Washington state.

To kick-start your brain storming here are a few subject areas that KUOW would like to cover over the next nine months. Do NOT feel limited to this list of subjects; this is just meant to give you a little inspiration. Feel free to submit ideas on completely unrelated topics, whatever catches your interest.

1) Gun Control

Two competing gun control measures will be on Washington state’s November ballot. We’re looking for stories that explore this division and give us a better understanding of the players on both sides of the issue.

2) Innovators

Who are the people who are challenging the way that we think and live? How are they shaping our future? Think of the researchers and clinicians hoping to create the next medical breakthrough, or the software engineer working on the next innovation that will change our lives. Who are the ones to watch and why?

3) Getting There

We are a society that is on the move. It’s all about getting from here to there. Our region’s aging infrastructure has made this issue of particular importance right now. US Interstate 5 is a vital arterial and is in need of a major overhaul. Hundreds of bridges across the state are in need of updates. What are the transportation challenges that we face now and in the future?

Important: Before submitting a full application you need to send me a short description of your project, no longer than one page. Once the preliminary idea is approved then you can officially submit the full application. All instructions are at our website:

The application deadline is Friday, July 11, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. (PT)

Please feel free to pass this on to any radio producers you think might be interested in applying.

Jim Gates
Senior Editor
KUOW 94.9 – Puget Sound Public Radio

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