Latino USA call for pitches – special projects

Some great projects in the works from Latino USA. Details below. Pitch deadline May 16.


Latino USA has several special projects coming up that we’d love to have pitches for.

The pay rate is $125 a minute, and pitch meetings take place on Friday mornings, eastern time.

Please send all pitches directly to:

If you’re pitching for the first time, please include some information about yourself and a couple of audio samples.




Leda Hartman

NPR’s Latino USA



Outdoor Adventure and more

These stories are part of an ongoing series on outdoor adventure involving Latinos.

If the stories have an environmental angle to them, all the better. For example, LUSA recently ran a piece on an ice fisherman in Colorado who has had to seek out lakes at higher elevations because climate change is shortening the ice fishing season down below.


In-state tuition vox pops             

Florida just became the latest state to allow undocumented immigrants to pay in-state tuition for college.

LUSA would like to put together a montage of vox pops from students who can now afford to go.

We’re especially interested in hearing from Oklahoma, Utah, Minnesota, and Kansas – or other states that aren’t the “usual suspects” like Texas or California.


Stories from the heartland

LUSA is doing a special program on changing demographics in the heartland.

We’re especially interested in ideas from the Midwest and the West, but are open to hearing about what’s happening anywhere between the country’s urban coasts.

Possibilities include:

First-hand stories of Latinos living in rural areas or small towns – for example, a meatpacker or a cowboy;

A tour of a town that now has a Latino majority – including the back story of how and why immigrants came, and how the flavor of the town has changed;

Fresh angles on immigration in the heartland;

Lighthearted or positive stories;

Under-reported stories.

Please send all pitches for heartland ideas to LUSA before May 16.

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