Latino USA call for pitches

From the lovelies at Latino USA.

Latino USA has the following themed shows in the pipeline:


Report Card (5/23/14) —Stories about education, but also discussions about how things are going in terms of Latino issues.


Push It (5/30/14) —Drugs, people, and limits.


Pretending (6/6/14) —Stories about make-believe, fraud, lies, and making it up.


Move It (6/13/14) —Migration, physical activity, and fast-paced situations.


Kids (6/20/14) —Stories both tragic and fun involving children.


Innovation/Inspiration/Tech (6/27/14) – Stories and conversations about Latinos innovating, particularly in the tech field, and barriers to Latinos within that field.


My Country (7/4/14) —Stories of patriotism and American identity…however you define American.


The show is looking for pieces that include people’s personal stories, lots of ambient sound, lively writing and unexpected twists.

The pay rate is $125 per minute plus $25 for a photo for the web site.

Please send your pitches directly to:

Pitch meetings are on Fridays, and we try to respond to all queries by early the following week.

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