Unheard America storytelling series debuts at UnionDocs, NYC, Feb 23, 7:30pm

I saw the premiere of this show a couple weeks ago – a super-interesting mashup of portraiture, music, and radio storytelling. It was especially interesting to hear producer Emile Klein talk about his process. Definitely worth a visit to UnionDocs for the NYC debut! Feb 23, 7:30pm. Details below.

Here's teaser link: http://ow.ly/tMQ7u
And the event:  http://ow.ly/tMQ39

Get tickets while you still can! uniondocs.org/02-23-2014-unheard-america/

UNHEARD AMERICA, A NEW SERIES COMBINING RADIO STORYTELLING WITH ORIGINAL MUSIC, DEBUTS AT UNIONDOCS, BROOKLYN, NY, – Sunday, February 23th, 7:30pm, at UnionDocs, 322 Union Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, 11211. For one day only UnionDocs (UnDo) and national arts organization You’re U.S. come together, presenting seven stories that took a nation to create, each told in a mixture of radio and music. The event includes a Q&A with the artists, followed by a reception. Admission: $9 suggested donation

The stories, which tackle religion, race, family, and environment, were produced by Jeff Emtman and Emile Klein, who have embraced the musical concept of the ”mashup.” A children’s choir sings odes to a Virginian nun, an off-the-grid survivalist speaks over a Miami DJ’s peppy beats, a Hmong North Carolinian defines the nation within an ambient soundscape. Each story walks the line between the personal and the foreign, exploring America’s cross-cultural harmony.

Musical collaborators for UNHEARD AMERICA include the iSing choir/ Karen Linford/ Jungmee Kim (choral), the Blind Willies (folk), Phantom Fauna (ambient), Gabriel Zucker (orchestral), Zack Varland-Hopkins (down-tempo), Richard Haig (electronic), and JJ Beck (classical).

6 stories

Q&A w/ Klein, Emtman, MC Paul Barman, and select musical collaborators

Total Time: 95­ minutes

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