Snap Judgment Call for Pitches

The latest call for pitches from Snap Judgement. Pitch (thoughtfully) away!

Below please find San Judgment's latest theme list.  Snap rocks first-person, dramatic, true stories. They must have a beginning, middle, and end with a  strong dramatic tension and a narrative arc.  No news hooks. No profiles. No sound art.  Submit brief story ideas to Remember, if you have a great story that doesn’t fit into one of these themes, please send it along anyway!  Good stories are the most important ingredient here at Snap. 

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Elevator: Stories about people and fortunes that rise and fall–amazing strokes of luck, changes in fortune, mid-life crises, or encounters with disaster. These stories can follow a long arc, taking place over many years, or could transpire within the course of an actual elevator ride, as long as they hinge around a dramatic, personal, rise or fall.

Passing: Stories about people who are trying to blend in, to be incognito, who are trying to pass off as something. These can be stories of someone trying pass as a particular race, gender, religion or class, or the stories of imposters or wannabes.

Mercenary: Stories about people who do your dirty work…for a price. Again, feel free to think big or small here. We have several stories of literal guns for hire, but it would great to find stories of people hired to do more unexpected dirty work–breaking up for friends, covering for affairs or paid scapegoats.

Prophets: Stories from people who claim to see the future and the people who do / don't believe them. Be careful here; we want to steer clear of stories told by people who are mentally ill and unfit to be on air. Rather, we'd like stories of prophetical coincidences, cult near misses, brushes with fortune telling, creepy child foretelling.

Schooled: Stories that center around learning and lessons. Please try to avoid stories about personal growth that do not have a lot at stake, or an interesting plot. We’d love stories that take place in unique school environments, stories of terrible teachers, school plays gone wrong, drivers ed disasters….

Washed Up: Stories about people and things who are washed up on shore or washed up in life. What happens when life veers horribly of course, or our best laid plans suddenly crumble beneath us. 

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