pitch query from Latino USA, deadline Dec 6

Call for pitches from Latino USA. And hey – Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello everyone,

Latino USA is wrapping up the year with a program about being indigenous, both literally and metaphorically.

We’d welcome your story ideas.

One example of a story we have in the pipeline is about a community of Guatemalan Mayans in Omaha who don’t speak much Spanish, let alone English. The city is reaching out by cultivating trilingual interpreters.

Some possible story threads are:

  • Exploring the idea of being indigenous to somewhere. What makes people feel like they belong to a place?
  • Points of intersection between indigenous people and newcomers. What is that relationship like?
  • Stories about people who were here before their area became part of the US – for example, Native and Latino communities in the Southwest.

Please send your pitches not to me, but to: pitches@futuromediagroup.org, before December 6.

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