Latino USA – Request for Pitches

Latest call for pitches from Latino USA.

Latino USA is working on the following show themes over the next couple of months and we’d welcome your story ideas.

Please send all pitches to:


CAGES: A literal and figurative look at cages – from being pulled over or sent to jail, to being trapped in a creative rut or a certain mindset. How does one break out of the cage?


GRATITUDE: This show will run at Thanksgiving. We’re looking for pieces that aren’t necessarily food-related, but focus on giving and nurturing.


SEXUAL AND REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH: Pieces that focus on access to abortion, especially in rural areas; sex ed; birth control; and young adult/teen pregnancy.


MONEY: How to celebrate the holidays while the economy is still weak? Lighthearted pieces about money in general are also welcome.


HOLIDAY/EVERGREEN STORIES: That includes music pieces.


NEIGHBORS: How do people from different cultures interact? Think about creative, original takes on that question, and also what it means to be a neighbor or live in a neighborhood.


Again, the best address to pitch is:

We look forward to hearing from you!


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