Pulse of the Planet seeks Sonorous Science Stories

Call for raw interviews and sound from Pulse of the Planet. Details below. -Mia
Pulse of the Planet is looking for science stories – ideally with a sound hook. You'd be submitting raw sound files – interviews & sound, not produced programs. Typically, 45 minutes of interview should be enough, together with 5 – 10 minutes of sounds. Of course the two can blend. Stereo preferred, when possible.
We'll pay $300 for raw sound files & a log of what you'd be sending us. 
Highly recommend listening to a few Pulse of the Planet programs (pulseplanet.com) if you're not familiar with the series. Briefly, it's been on the air for 25 years, 5000+ programs; a pioneering short-format program for its use of sound & story, broadcast on over 250 public and commercial stations. 
If I'm not familiar with your work, include a link demonstrating your ability to conduct field interviews and record ambient sound. Producer Guidelines sent on request. 
Many Thanks; 
Jim Metzner, Producer 
Pulse of the Planet 

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