Evolve magazine looking for audio submissions!

Forwarded from the good people at AIR.

Evolve ( http://www.pursueyourevolution.com ) is a year-old, fully digital tablet and smartphone magazine, utilizing all manner of storytelling tools, from video, to the written word, photography, and audio. We are currently looking to commission audio stories for our 2014 publication schedule (see AIR's pitch page for compensation info).

Evolve celebrates life in motion. We believe challenges are to be chased and embraced, and that collecting experience is more important than collecting stuff. We believe that physical well-being is paramount, and that we are interconnected in ways far too complicated to comprehend, but far too important to ignore. We believe in the value of living outside our comfort zones.

We are looking for stories that would fit into three broad categories: Travel/Adventure, Food/Nutrition, and Sport. We're interested in both journalistic treatments and personal narratives.

If you have a story pitch you'd like us to consider, please email patrick@againfaster.com.

Patrick Cummings
Editor-in-Chief, Evolve Magazine

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