KUOW Program Venture Fund Announces New Round of Grants

KUOW Program Venture Fund Announces New Round of Grants 

KUOW is seeking project proposals for Round 24 of the Program Venture Fund (PVF). Projects funded by PVF can be a series of features, a long-form documentary or a variety of short audio pieces. There is no set format. This is your opportunity to dig into a subject, bring new voices to the air and share the history, culture and issues that impact the Puget Sound region.

To kick-start your brain storming here are a few subject areas that KUOW would like to cover in the coming year. But do not feel tied to this list of subjects; this is just meant to give you a little inspiration. Feel free to submit ideas on completely unrelated topics, whatever catches your interest.

1) How We Get Around
We are a society that is on the move. It’s all about getting from here to there. We’re looking for stories about getting around: on foot, wheel, rail or whatever moves people or things. You can view this as broadly as you like. Feel free to take this notion and run with it or walk or blastoff or…

2) Foraging
The definition of foraging is “to search for what one needs or wants.” All living things have certain needs and these needs can range from essential to extravagant to anywhere in between. And many times the need can be fueled by obsession which is always fertile ground for good stories.

3) Innovators
Who are the people who are challenging the way that we think and live and how are they shaping our future? Who are the ones to watch and why?

Important: Before submitting a full application you need to send me a short description of your project, no longer than one page. Once the preliminary idea is approved then you can officially submit the full application.

For application information or to check out previous PVF funded projects go to: http://kuow.org/topic/program-venture-fund

The application deadline is Friday, November 8, 2013 at 5:00 p.m. (PT)

Jim Gates

Senior Editor
KUOW 94.9 – Puget Sound Public Radio

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