BBC RFP for “Real America”, deadline July 22

Great collaboration of public media orgs seeks proposals for a BBC program on Guns in America. Details HERE and below. -mia


It went so well the first time out, the BBC is announcing a second round for the Real America partnership launched last year with AIR and a consortium of public media organizations. With AIR, this year’s group includes the Third Coast International Audio Festival, the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University, WNYC/New York Public Radio, and American Public Media (APM).

The theme is “Guns in America.” Many of you know Tony Phillips. He’s the editor this year, and he’s looking for three 17-minute features that, together, will comprise a one-hour special to be distributed via APM later in the year. The budget for each feature is $9000.

The deadline for submitting your pitch is Monday, July 22 at noon ET.

Full details, including instructions for submitting and a timeline for their decision-making process is at:

You may want to have a look at our feature “BBC 101” published last June at

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