Above the Fray Fellowship, deadline July 1

Details HERE and below on the annual Above the Fray/NPR fellowship. Deadline July 1. -Mia

Above the Fray, a fellowship in conjunction with NPR, is the keynote program of the John Alexander Project.

The Above the Fray fellowship is designed to give a promising radio journalist the opportunity to cover important but under-reported stories from a location abroad. One fellow will be selected each year based on a winning proposal to report from a region lacking significant mainstream media attention. The selected individual will spend three months filing on-air and online stories for NPR.

Above the Fray supports curious, truth-seeking, spirited individuals who wish to cover under-reported regions, but who do not have the financial means or professional support to pursue these stories. The fellowship is not about finding the most experienced candidate; it is about cultivating the next generation of international journalists. The fellowship strives to discover journalists who are at pivotal moments in their careers: those who are armed with the skills to independently tell stories and who possess the ability to take audiences off the beaten path.

Applicants should have 3-5 years of professional experience. Above all, the applicant must express sincere interest in innovative foreign reporting, a curiosity about global cultures and a demonstrated record of journalistic potential.

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