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KQED is hiring. Details HERE and below. -Mia

KQED is currently hiring for a full-time position in our online/radio newsroom and four on-call positions. We're looking for an engagement manager (social media guru for news). We are also looking for on-call online producers for arts and news, and on-call producers for news blogging and social media. There's just one posting for the on-call producer, but I thought it would be useful for candidates to know that we're looking for a range of on-call positions.

Folks should apply online at KQED

Here's the description for the Engagement position:

Position Title: Interactive Producer, Engagement and Social Media
Reports To: Director of Products & Services, Interactive            

Status: Full Time, Regular
Department: Interactive                                                        

Division: Digital Media & Education

Position Summary:

The Interactive Producer, Engagement and Social Media is responsible for attracting, nurturing, and interacting with the community, online and offline. This producer manages social media initiatives and accounts, as well as serves as a steward of best practices for the organization.

This role works closely with KQED News, its programs, and the newsroom to implement initiatives that build a two-way dialogue between KQED and its audience. This producer also works to develop and maintain Web products, such as interactive features, online events and other tools that grow the relationship between the organization and the community, and that promote regular usage of KQED's digital products and services. This position develops and deploys targeted online outreach and establishes professional relationships with influencers, bloggers, targeted diverse audiences, independent content creators, other media organizations and relevant tech companies.

The engagement producer serves as the lead liaison to internal groups and external partners, and fosters continuing dialogue between the Communications Department, other social media producers, and News and other content producers.

Essential Functions:

 1.  Creates effective ways to generate, maintain, and communicate to a community of online users, including social media, email newsletters, blogging, customer service inquiries and moderating of comments.

 2.  Sets clear, measurable and attainable engagement and metrics goals using Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, Topsy, HootSuite, etc. and reports out regularly to key stakeholders.

 3.  Manages KQED News' social media accounts and serves as promoter for social media use among News staff, including providing protocols and trainings to teach interested staff members on fine points of platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, mapping, and other online tools in collaboration with the News editorial staff. Creates and leads training sessions.

 4.  Serves as a point of contact for user-generated content, giving regular contributors a familiar face to interact with and piloting the flow of information.

 5.  Creates editorial contentin the form of feature package creation, selection and schedule of homepage features, hosting webchats, creating multimedia content, and blogging.

 6.  Serves as a liaison between partner organizations, including other public media organizations and news outlets, and KQED News and ensures KQED’s inclusion in materials created by other organizations

 7.  Develops and maintains partnerships between KQED and companies that build online tools such as platforms for community engagement.

 8.  Creates and executes strategies for Social Media Optimization and Search Engine Optimization for KQED.org<http://kqed.org/>.

 9.  Serves as a liaison between the News department and the Communications departments. Attends Communications department meetings for News and creates regular reports for the Communications department on News department projects.

 10. Talks about social media trends and impact to various stakeholder groups, including national conferences, Community Advisory Panel, brown-bag lunches, and others.

 11. Performs other essential duties as required.

Knowledge/Experience Required

 1.  At least one to two years’ experience working as an online community manager or maintaining a blog or website.

 2.  Knowledge and practices of social media sites is required.

 3.  Well informed in a wide range of areas, including current events, arts, culture, film, history, science, and public policy.

 4.  Ability to multi-task required.

 5.  Public speaking skills required.

 6.  Proven ability to build and maintain a wide-range of partnerships.

 7.  Knowledge & experience maintaining databases.

Knowledge/Experience Desired

 1.  Bachelor’s Degree.

 2.  Experience as a working news journalist.

 3.  Experience working with different types of digital media content, including audio and video with the ability to perform simple HTML programming and coding.

 4.  Wide knowledge of Bay Area people, places, partners, and events preferred.

 5.  Public Media or news content experience desired.

On-call position, this application is for arts, news, social media and blogging:
Position Title: Interactive Producer (Temporary On Call)
Reports To: Executive Director, Interactive
Department: Interactive

Division: Interactive

Position Summary:

KQED is seeking a strong, multiplatform producer who can fill in for staff producers during vacations and illnesses, and to provide additional support with special projects or major initiatives. The Interactive Producer (Temporary On Call) is a skilled interactive producer with a background in producing content features and products for the web and mobile and working with a cross discipline team of editorial, design, information architecture, engineering, QA and promotion. The candidate must be able to handle projects from start to finish either as the lead project manager or in tandem with another assigned staffer, which could range from long-term product launches to breaking news. Functions include updating and managing web pages; planning, editing, producing and measuring digital content (text, photographs, graphics, audio and video); social media engagement and blogging, developing product requirements, managing project schedule, and communicating with key stakeholders. The Interactive Producer is capable of working with a variety of web publishing tools, content and project management systems and requires little supervision. The ideal candidate is creative, innovative and agile, with a passion for the intersection of editorial, user experience and technology.

 *   Essential Functions:

 *   Design, create and produce feature coverage and products, taking projects from conceptualization to research and development, through pre-production, production, post-production, delivery, evaluation and final report.

 *   Serve as backup to other Producers, the Web Editor / Blogger and Reporters as needed to maintain consistency, timeliness and accuracy.

 *   Serve as support for content supplied by staff and freelance contributors. This includes writing headlines, copyediting, publishing, and verifying online content.

 *   Assist in social media engagement efforts including oversight of user generated content and communities.

 *   Identify and track key metrics such as traditional pageviews, social media engagement and streaming media to help evaluate success.

 *   Act as a source of ideas for new innovations and features.

 *   Other duties as assigned.

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