KALW RFP, Sights and Sounds of Bayview, deadline April 5

Great opportunity to work with the amazing folks at KALW. I would SO be pitching if I still lived in the area… Deadline April 5. Details below. -Mia

Sights and Sounds of Bayview
A Partnership between the San Francisco Arts Commission and KALW

In 2009, the San Francisco Arts Commission launched the Deep Roots podcast, which promotes art in communities where people live and work. Segments have included the creation of the bust of Harvey Milk in City Hall, Mission-based Poet Laureate Alejandro Murgia, and the 2013 Mayor’s Art Awardee Rhodessa Jones who is known for her work with incarcerated women. With funding from the National Endowment for the Arts to focus on Central Market, SFAC developed Sights and Sounds of Central Market , a series of commissioned audio portraits highlighting positive activity in the neighborhood.

SFAC is partnering KALW, one of San Francisco’s prized public radio stations – specifically its community storytelling project, HEAR HERE – because of its efforts to reach underserved listeners, bring new voices to the air, create a new dimension for the radio medium, and bring communities together through live events.

The funding for this project is from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC). Under the City’s Art Enrichment Ordinance, the SFPUC works in partnership with the SFAC to support arts-based activation in District 10 and recognizes the arts as a vital part of its commitment to: healthy living; neighborhood stewardship, design, implementation, and evaluation; workforce and economic development resulting from collaborative partnership with local companies and residents; and developing community bonds.

We are seeking proposals for creative audio portraits of people from Bayview. These could be about individuals that speak to the rich history of African Americans in the neighborhood, the changing demographics (the area is now 33 percent African American, 33 percent Asian/Pacific Islander, 25 percent Latino ), or a celebration of positive activity in the community.

We will commission six portraits; half of them should address environmental justice, healthy living, water flow, or energy conservation. How do you do that? Maybe you find a leader from Literacy for Environmental Justice, or a shop owner addressing food access and security by stocking fruits and vegetables at the local bodega, or an artist making work with found materials.

These stories should be evergreen and will be broadcast on KALW 91.7 FM, distributed through SFAC’s Deep Roots podcast, and played at a live event.

A photographer will be assigned to your story so that we can turn the segments into multimedia pieces. Audrey Dilling, Hear Here lead producer, will edit the segments, with oversight from Martina Castro, Crosscurrents’ managing editor. Stephanie Foo, producer for NPR’s Snap Judgment, will design the sound of the project.

Segments may be 4-7 minutes long. Raw audio files and final engineering scripts should be delivered to the sound designer.

The producer should be available to share the story at a celebratory live event, which features a multimedia presentation of the segments, accompanied by a band or DJ, and spotlighting the people featured in the sound portraits on August 15, 2013 (tentative) at the Bayview Opera House.

The producer will receive $500/segment and an additional $100 for participating in the listening party.

How to apply:
Please submit a pitch that includes the following:
● What is the story and why is it relevant
● Why is this important to Bayview; why is it important citywide
● Who will you interview
● What sounds will be incorporated

The deadline for pitch submissions is April 5, 2013. Please email them to audreydilling@gmail.com.

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