The Missouri Review Audio Contest, Deadline TOMORROW, March 15

There's not much time left as the submission deadline is tomorrow, but for what it's worth, here's the info about the “>Missouri Review's 6th Annual Audio Contest. -Mia

The Missouri Review’s 6th Annual Audio Contest

Winners selected in collaboration with guest judge

Laura Starecheski

$1,000 first prize in each category

Now–you decide your entry fee!

Winners and select runners up will be featured on our website and on our iTunes podcast. Select runners up also receive cash prizes. All entrants receive a one-year, digital subscription to The Missouri Review.

Listen to the winners of our 2012 Audio Competition here.

Postmark/Email Deadline: March 15th, 2013



Poets are encouraged to enter an original poem or collection of poems for this category.

Judging will be based on the following criteria: literary merit, technical proficiency, and how the author uses audio media to further the literary strength of his or her piece.

Time: 15 minutes or less.

First Prize: $1,000


Writers may enter a short story, narrative essay, or other form of literary prose. For this category we are not interested in academic essays or purely journalistic writing/reportage. Entries may be solely author-read or contain other voices, tracks of sound, or music.

Judging will be based on the following criteria: literary merit, technical proficiency, and how the author uses audio media to further the literary strength of his or her piece.

Time: 15 minutes or less.

First Prize: $1,000

Audio Documentary

Entries should be audio only (no video). We are interested in short documentaries on any subject. Documentaries can be presented in a variety of forms, including narrative, interview, or documentary play. Entries will be judged on strength of the script and subject, ability to meet their objective (stated or unstated, i.e. a comedic short that’s funny, or an artist interview that is informative, fresh and insightful), and technical facility (including sound, reporting, presenting and/or acting).

Time: 15 minutes or less. 

First Prize: $1,000 

 Contest Guidelines

Entry Fee: In an effort to expand our contest, entry fees (previously $20) are now payable by donation. We ask only that you contribute what you feel is fair, keeping in mind that literary journals, and contests, cost money to run and that your contribution includes a one-year, digital subscription toThe Missouri Review. All of your donation money goes directly to support the continued production of The Missouri Review and its programs.

Previous first-place winners are not eligible to win again.

Postmark Deadline: March 15th, 2013

Multiple entries are welcome, accompanied by a separate donation for each title you wish to have considered. We are happy to accept previously published or aired pieces as submissions, so long as you, the entrant, hold the rights.

Technical Requirements: Entries may be submitted electronically or sent by postal mail. Emailed submissions should be in MP3 format only. Mailed entries should be sent on CD only. CDs should not contain any audio other than entry material. Include a brief program synopsis and bio of the writer/producer. For poetry submissions, please record each poem as a separate track.

Mailed Submissions Must Include

  • a completed entry form for each entry (download the entry form)
  • a copy of the entry on a CD, labeled with writer/ producer, title and length
  • a brief program synopsis and short writer/producer bio

  • a donation as entry fee (make checks out to The Missouri Review)

Send Entries To

The Missouri Review Audio Competition
357 McReynolds Hall
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211

Emailed Submissions Must Include

  • a subject line with author last name, category, title of entry
  • a completed entry form as an email attachment (download the form, and save it to your computer).

  • an attached MP3 file, containing your contest entry. File should be saved in this format:

author last name_entry title

  •  a brief program synopsis and short writer/producer bio in body of email
  • a donation as entry fee. Click here to make online payment.

    • Type the amount (in U.S. dollars) that you wish to donate in the “Cost” field and then click update to confirm the amount. Once the amount has been updated, click submit to pay via credit card.
  • Please send a separate email for each entry submitted.

Send Entries To:

Questions? Please visit our FAQ. If your questions isn’t answered there, email us:

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