Bitch Media seeks podcast submissions

Bitch Media is relaunching its Popaganda podcast this spring and they’re looking for content. They can’t pay for it right now but will take stuff you’ve already produced. Get on their radar for when they have a budget. Details below. -Mia

Bitch Media covers feminist perspectives on pop culture with a popular website, national magazine, and series of podcasts. Bitch is relaunching its Popaganda podcast this spring and is looking to reach out to audiophiles who would like to use the podcast as a platform for their own work. We are looking for one-to-five-minute-long already recorded audio stories that focus on issues of gender, race, class, and sexuality. The nature of the segments will be broad, ranging from news reporting and interviews to cultural analysis and personal stories. The themes for our first eight shows are below.
We currently cannot pay podcast contributors, but are happy to consider work that was originally created for other podcasts or radio programs. Creators retain all rights to work run on Popaganda.
Interested creators should read through the themes below and email Online Editor Sarah Mirk ( with a short introduction and description of their segment. If creators have a piece that seems like a good fit for Bitch but doesn’t fit with the themes below, feel free to still send over a description and maybe it can find a home in future episodes! Thanks for your work, we’re excited about putting together an excellent podcast.
SCOUTS (both Boy and Girls Scouts and more general scouting);
INTERSECTIONS (both intersectionality and stories about physical
THE DINNER PARTY (food politics);
WORDS WE HATE (a short rant about a word you hate);


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