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KCRW launched a new podcast and it looks like they may take submissions. I have NO idea if/what they pay, but it can't hurt to have another outlet possibility on the list, eh? Here are the relevant details from the Third Coast website.

Are you accepting submissions? If so, how should interested parties contact you, and what's the main guideline folks should keep in mind?

We would love to be buried in submissions. Right now the submissions are coming in more of a fine mist — make it rain, Third Coast readers! The best/only way is to emailĀ (Though we do have a hotline we haven't yet figured out what to do with: I'm hoping we get some good rambling voicemails, at any rate. Call today: (573) 238-8453.)

The main submission guidelines are: the piece shouldn't have appeared anywhere else (unless that anywhere else is your blog, I guess, or your mom's backyard). More importantly: it should spark our curiosity, make us think, and, when we hear it, make us chortle with desperate glee.

See the links below for the rest of the details from the good people at Third Coast.

Now in the Third Coast library spotlight:

The Organist from KRCW and producers Andrew Leland, Ross Simonini and Jenna Weiss-Berman

Oh happy day! One of our favorite magazines, the Believer, has just launched a monthly experimental arts and culture podcast. Let's all welcome the Organist into the world with a round of applause and open ears.

Listen to the very first Organist (including the best two-minute podcast opening we've ever heard) and read an interview with host Andrew Leland about how and why the Organist came to be, and how and why to pitch YOUR story to him, Behind the Scenes.

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