KUOW Program Venture Fund Announces New Round of Grants, deadline March 15

Time for the next round of these fantastic yearly grants from KUOW. Deadline March 15. Details below. -Mia

KUOW Program Venture Fund Announces New Round of Grants

KUOW is seeking project proposals for Round 23 of the Program Venture Fund (PVF). Projects funded by PVF can be a series of features, a long-form documentary or a variety of short audio pieces. There is no set format. This is your opportunity to dig into a subject, bring new voices to the air and share the history, culture and issues that impact the Puget Sound region.

To kick-start your brain storming here are a few subject areas that KUOW would like to cover in the coming year. But do not feel tied to this list of subjects; this is just meant to give you a little more direction. Feel free to submit ideas on completely different topics, whatever catches your interest.

1) Interstate Ties
What are some of the issues that tie the Puget Sound Region in Washington state with other bordering states or other states around the country? What are the issues that Seattle shares with other major northwestern cities such as Portland (OR), Anchorage, Vancouver (Canada), etc? The issues can be about anything of significance such as business, politics, culture, law, etc.

2) Native American Tribes
What are the issues that Native American Tribes are facing in or around the Puget Sound Region?

3) Interesting Places
Take us on a journey to an interesting place(s) around the Puget Sound Region that we haven’t been before. What’s unique and fascinating about it? What does this place tell us about our region, our history or the people that inhabit it?

Important: Before submitting a full application you need to send me a short description of your project, no longer than one page. Once the preliminary idea is approved then you can officially submit the full application. All instructions are at our website (see below).

The application deadline is Friday, March 15, 2013 at 5:00 p.m. (PT)

For application information or to check out previous PVF funded projects go to: http://www.kuow.org/topic/program-venture-fund

Contact: Jim Gates – jgates@kuow.org

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