Pro Publica offering paid internship in NY

Happy to spread the word about a PAID internship with Pro Publica. Details below. -Mia

ProPublica is seeking an intern to both report and help build community around our investigative projects with social media and engagement tools.

The internship will begin in January and last for up to a year. It is full-time and based in New York. Compensation is $700 per week.

Interns will be part of our investigative team focused on quick-turn reporting that riffs off the news as well as our engagement team, which works across social networks to build communities around our coverage and develops crowdsourcing and social media strategies for our reporting. Applicants should have prior journalism experience, and a demonstrated interest in leveraging social media for newsgathering purposes. 

Here are a few examples of the kind of explainers and hard-hitting pieces we do, as well as examples of our engagement efforts. Niemab Lab has also written about our approach to digital journalismcrowdsourcing and audience engagement.

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