Monocle Radio is looking for election stories. WILL PAY

Great opportunity from UK-based Monocle Radio. Contact Katie Bilboa: More details below! -Mia

We’re just ramping up our coverage ahead of the US elections and there

are a couple of things we’d like to do but which I so far haven’t
found freelancers for:

1.I’m looking to commission someone in Vegas to do a package for us
about the prolific number of campaign TV ads there

2.We’re looking for someone who can do a package for us looking behind
the scenes at the key figures in Romney’s proposed administration

3.We’re also looking two commission three or four very short reports
from places which have interesting / quirky other things on their
ballots – I’m looking for suggestions from across the US

Fee for rough cut package: Ł250. Short report fee will vary depending
on what we agree to commission.

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