Call for pitches – Facebook Stories

Hey folks. An interesting opportunity from Facebook(?!). Details HERE and below. Note the phrase “we pay well.” -Mia

I recently became Senior Producer of a new podcast at Facebook, and I’d love your pitches for our next few episodes. The podcast is part ofFacebook Stories (, a new site “dedicated to sharing extraordinary, quirky and thought-provoking stories and ideas from Facebook’s community.”

I wanted to tell you all about our next few Facebook Stories podcast themes, and it would be great if you could send pitches in the next week or so. There should be some Facebook spin/hook to these stories, but it doesn’t have to be a huge part of the story. These podcasts are truly not intended to be long Facebook ads. Mostly we just want really good stories. We pay well, and will work out details based on length, etc.


1.) The body politic: how social media is used by governments and by citizens

2.) Coming out: this is a take on the larger theme of identity, where we focus on Facebook as sort of a last, and in a way, most “official” step of changing your public identity. So more intense content such as coming out as gay, an undocumented immigrant, switching genders, etc., but also lighter stuff such as admitting you still play Magic The Gathering or Collect Beanie Babies or whatever (totally cool if you do! No judgement here).

3.) Dying: what happens when people die now that everyone has a profile on the internet.

Also, if you can think of any other crazy/interesting Facebook-related stories you may want to report, but that don’t fit into one of these themes, please do let me know.

To get an idea of the podcast tone, you can check out our first one here: were tasked with explaining the history and evolution of the term “six degrees of separation.” I like this one, but we had very little time to complete it and I’d like our future podcasts to include a lot more interesting personal stories. So if you have a great story that doesn’t fit into the tone of this podcast, please don’t be discouraged! We are open to lots of new ideas.

And one last thing in this epic email: If you have any ideas for stories that you’ve heard but don’t have time or interest in reporting, we may be able to give you a small “story finder’s fee” if we use your idea and report it ourselves.

Thanks so much everyone. Looking forward to your pitches.


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