Macktez Summer Stipend for creative development

$1K to do a personal project this summer? Really? Details HERE and below.

What are you trying to create? Not for your boss, not for your client — for yourself. What personal creative project has been patiently simmering, waiting for your full attention?

The Macktez Summer Stipend is a grant for creative development. Each year we try to reach out to the many junior designers, interns, and other creative individuals we come across every day for whom a little extra cash could be the difference between a great idea and a great, finished project. We have a simple set of criteria: originality, relevance, and conviction. And we’d prefer a project already underway that $1000 would push across the finish line. This year we’ll also be relying on our esteemed panelists’ guts and good sense: David Israel, Roanne Adams, Douglas Morris, Dean Crutchfield, Bethany Koby Santiago Matheus, Jeffrey Zeldman. If you can sell them on your great idea, you’ll get $1000 from Macktez to make it happen. It’s that simple. Applications open June 18th. Apply online at by July 27th.

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