Remix Radiolab! deadline June 12

Get creative with Radiolab elements. Details below.

Hi all,

So Radiolab is doing something a little different for our next episode and it involves… involvement. The concept is pretty simple but the deadline is super soon. So jump in with both feet if you're so inspired.

Here's the scoop:

We’ve put up the “stems” of 8 Radiolab segments… just the raw elements we used to mix those stories… onto a website called "Indaba." The idea is that you, or someone you love, would download any of the stems you want to use and construct something new out of them.

You can remix a single story. You can take elements from multiple stories and mash them up together. You can use outside elements as well as what we’ve provided. Anything goes.

In the end, our top two favorites are going to become part of the next episode. Plus, our ABSOLUTE favorite gets money. 

Here’s the catch: you only have a week from today to do it.

The web-site, with lots more details, is here:

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