call for pitches from Latitude News

Latitude News is seeking freelance radio folks to help bring another layer of rich storytelling to their site. Details and contact info below.



Latitude News is looking for radio reporters who can make strong connections between local/national and international stories. We publish text stories with strong audio clips as a supplement – audio is used to add another dimension to a text article. This is an opportunity for radio producers who would like to get some “print” experience while still working on audio, and you need not be traveling the world to contribute to our growing website.

Latitude News tells “international” stories in an unconventional way – we start by listening on the ground in the US, then finding international parallels. We also feature stories that highlight surprising connections between the US and the rest of the world.

Audio in Latitude News features (500-1200 words) should act like well-placed photos in a magazine article – clips don’t tell the entire story, but move the narrative forward and give it depth. Potential contributors should read through our website before pitching, but here are a few samples of stories that feature audio:

Unlike Netherlands, U.S. gives no shelter to sex trafficking victims

One Syrian activist’s lonely exile

Far from Moscow, Putin’s power faces off with the grassroots

Submissions can be sent to with the heading “Submission.” Rates available upon request.  

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