Call for pitches WBEZ’s Race – Out Loud Series, deadline April 2

Very cool storytelling opportunity from the folks at WBEZ. Details and contact information below. Deadline April 2.


WBEZ is looking for great material for a series we’re calling Race: Out Loud. Here’s the idea: What would it sound like if people said what they really think and feel about race, about ethnicity? What if they really talked about how it shapes them, their lives, and attitudes? What would we hear, if we listened?

This is a call for all manner of stories and ideas—in as creative an approach or production manner as you can imagine.  Think original. Think things we haven’t heard.  Things we don’t talk about.  And don’t limit yourselves to black and white—this is race, ethnicity in our time. Between races, ethnicities.   Within races.   We’re dealing here with Chicago and metro area.  But if you have some wild and wonderful idea beyond, try us.

A few examples of ideas already bubbling from reporters:  Nightlife: why don’t we play together?; Code words; What conversations do you have with your own race that you’d be squeamish having with people not of your race?

Multi-media. Video. Blog.  Music. Non-narrated stories. Investigative.  Stretch yourself and our listeners.

If you want to participate but don’t have an idea—let us know.

Otherwise, here’s the deal:  Deadline for written pitches [a brief description of the content and form of your idea] is Monday, April 2. 

 Send pitches and questions to: or 


Cate and Natalie, WBEZ

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