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Well this is just about the most useful and comprehensive write-up for how to set up your own home recording studio I have ever seen. Jeff Towne rocks (as does Enjoy!


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February 22, 2012

* NEW TOOL: "Setting Up a Small Recording Studio" by Jeff Towne – UPDATED *

One of Transom's most popular features ever is TOOLS Editor Jeff Towne's primer on setting up a small recording studio, but the page hasn't had an update in six years. So, Jeff has created a completely new version–covering computer and software selection, the requisite hardware, along with equipment recommendations in various price ranges and pretty much everything you need on this topic, all in one place. There are links to individual tests of gear, manufacturer's sites, downloads, etc. etc. (One interesting new thing: ProTools is becoming dislodged as the go-to choice for documentary production.) This is the kind of useful, generous advice that makes us all love Jeff Towne.

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Jay Allison
Atlantic Public Media
Woods Hole, Massachusetts


"As the trend toward smaller, less-expensive, more-powerful recording gear continues to accelerate, it gets harder and harder to stay on top of the latest innovations and deals. It seems like we updated our recommendations for setting up a home studio only yesterday, but in fact, a few years have gone by, and several important things have changed. We're temperamentally more likely to wait and see if the latest, greatest thing is really stable and reliable and useful, rather than continually staying out on the bleeding edge, so we might not include that virtual mixer that you control with your mind, until we're sure it's reliable. Ultimately we're more interested in getting work done, and doing it efficiently, than in having the coolest, shiniest, geekiest gear. Keep in mind: if your current set-up is working for you, you may not need to make any changes. But if you're feeling constricted by your old home studio, or if you're setting one up for the first time, here's what we think you might want (at least for the next few days…)."

-Jeff Towne, continued at

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