KUOW Program Venture Fund announces new round of grants, deadline March 16

Hey Washington State folks (or folks who want to spend time in Washington State). The yearly grants from awesome station KUOW have just been announced. Details below.



KUOW is launching an accelerated application schedule for KUOW Program Venture Fund (PVF) projects. In the future we will have more grant rounds per year but with shorter application deadlines.

Beginning Monday, February 6, we will start accepting project proposals for Round 20 of PVF. The PVF provides special support for staff and independent producers to develop new programming focused on the Puget Sound region in Washington state.

Programs funded by the PVF can be a series of features, a long form documentary or a variety of short audio pieces. There is no set format. Be creative. Think of a PVF grant as seed money for that radio project you’ve always dreamed of doing. This is your opportunity to dig into a subject, bring new voices to the air and share the history, culture and issues that impact the Puget Sound region.

Important: Before submitting a full application you need to send me a short description of your project, no longer than a page. Once the preliminary idea is approved then you can officially submit the full application. All instructions are at our website (see below).

The application deadline is Friday, March 16, 2012 at 5:00 pm (PT)
For application information go to www.kuow.org/pvf
Contact: Jim Gates – jgates@kuow.org

We look forward to hearing your radio ideas! Below are links to past PVF projects.

Jim Gates

Senior Editor

KUOW 94.9 – Puget Sound Public Radio

Check out our most recent PVF projects:

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Reporter: Jessica Partnow

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This Not Just In: Audible Moments from Pacific Northwest History
Reporter: Feliks Banel

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