SFPortals – a multimedia photo project, February 2, 7-9pm, SF

A great event with two longtime Freelance Cafe members. If you're in the Bay Area, don't miss it!



Jan Sturmann and I will be presenting our new multimedia photo project at the Apple Store in SF on Thursday, February 2, 7-9pm.  Please join us!

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Open Show San Francisco presents:
– Collaborative Multimedia in Action

Feb.2nd (Thurs) 7-9pm
Apple SF Store | 1 Stockton St., San Francisco

Come experience five San Francisco multimedia stories from veteran reporters and photojournalists Lonny Shavelson and Jan Sturmann. How do you make a leg? Can you build a bike from bamboo? Who still sells Zoot Suits? Are there superheroes in the Bay Area?

1) Real Life Super Heroes
2) The Leg Maker
3) Zoot Suit
4) Bamboo on Wheels
5) Desire for Words

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