“Reel Aging Real Change” Documentary Media Residency, deadline Jan 6

Interesting opportunity from Working Films – films at any stage of production are welcome to apply. Deadline Jan 6. Details below and here: http://workingfilms.org/article.php?id=440



Working Films, with support from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, announces Reel Aging: Real Change, an initiative that will tie compelling documentary films and transmedia projects that explore aging to ongoing policy work and grassroots campaigns supporting older populations globally. This new initiative will bring together media makers and advocates of elder rights for a residency and collaborative campaign that will offer audiences a unique way to reflect on how the aging process affects multiple generations all at once, as we head towards a future we all face – growing older.

We are seeking applications from media makers for participation in Reel Aging: Real Change. All nonfiction projects that explore the aging experience are eligible to apply, and applicants may be at any stage of production or distribution, from new and completed projects to works-in-progress.

Reel Aging: Real Change will begin with a four-day residency for the accepted media makers held from March 23 – 26, 2012 near Washington, DC. On Tuesday, March 27, the media makers will present their projects to regional, national and global NGOs, funders, government agencies, activists, and policy makers – all leaders in the field of aging who have a track record of supporting elder rights, respect and health. The goal: to embed the film and media projects into on-the-ground efforts by the advocates in the room. Hosted in Washington, DC in collaboration with the Center for Social Media at American University, this day-long strategic convening will launch a collaborative campaign between the participating media makers and the NGOs and foundations.

The central idea behind Reel Aging: Real Change is that organizers and advocates need numerous media tools to enliven their efforts for progressive change: poignant first-person feature-length narratives, concise shorts highlighting human struggles and triumphs, and "buzz" on multiple platforms – including social media networks. Authentic change and real transformation of the status quo requires many types of stories that can catalyze action by audiences, constituents and those entrusted with decision-making.

Reel Aging will transform competition into collaboration between eight to ten teams of selected social issue documentary and media makers. At the residency they will sharpen their strategies for audience and community engagement and brainstorm about a collaborative campaign featuring the full group of participating projects. Participants will identify target audiences and develop tactics to reach them through non-traditional outreach and distribution, including interactive technologies and social media.

On day five the residents will start to develop collaborative relationships with funders, government agencies, and advocacy organizations. Each project team will leave the retreat with a series of next-steps and commitments with the convened allies. Each organization and foundation will leave the convening with new films and media they can embed into their short and long-term strategies to support concrete change.

After the residency, Working Films will aggregate and capture the collective energy of the participating media makers and the NGO’s to design an integrated, multi-tier campaign that will:  

•    Strengthen the voice of older adults and more actively involve them in advocating on their own and others behalf,
•    Extend and protect the rights of older adults to health and economic security through policy change, and

•    Sustain the capacity of organizations focused on aging issues to respond to future challenges.

Application Deadline:  January 6, 2012

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